Francis Hannaway in England!!!
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My journey home from Poland was quite eventful. I wanted to leave the internat (dorm) at four o'clock in the morning, so that I would have plenty of time to arrive in Hamburg before four o'clock in the afternoon. The ferry to England would leave at 16:30.

I'd been to visit somebody in Glogow the evening before my departure. I got back to the internat at 9:30pm. Then I saw the caretaker's car parked just inside the gate, blocking my exit. It took a long time before I persuaded the caretaker to move his car. Then I went to bed.

The next morning I got out of bed at 3 o'clock. I got into my car at 4:30. It was extremely cold. I could only drive around the corner because there was so much ice on the windows. After about twenty minutes I started my journey to Germany. The journey to the border was slow, but I eventually got there. Travelling through Germany was very easy. I arrived at the ferry-port at twenty to twelve (midday) tired but quite pleased with myself. I ate my sandwiches and then went into the ferry terminal building to collect my ticket. I collected my ticket and was about to go back to my car when I decided to ask what time we would get onto the ferry. The young woman at the desk told me that the buses would be leaving at one o'clock (p.m.). I told her that I was in a car and not a bus passenger. She said, "Oh, the ferry isn't leaving from Hamburg today. It's leaving from Esbjerg in Denmark. But don't worry, you can get there in four hours."

What she didn't tell me was that it would also be leaving at 18:00 and not 16:30. I didn't know this and so, after having driven right across Germany, I drove at break-neck speed to Esbjerg in Denmark. I'd never been to Denmark before. Unfortunately I didn't see much of it because I was driving too fast.

I got on the ferry and went straight to the bar and then went to bed.

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